24/7 Gym Membership –

Don’t worry about how early or late you need to access our gym, your membership will get you access whenever you need it. We know life gets busy and it can be difficult to make sure you get your workout in at the same time each week. Additionally, you might not feel comfortable on machines or using free weights and when most gyms figure it is your job to figure out how to use all the equipment, our staff will set up an orientation with you and design your first routine to help you reach your goals. We don’t stop there, we will also check in at the end of your first month to see if we need to make any changes to your program to help you progress.

Personal Training –

You have goals and hobbies you want to do, however, you might not know how to achieve them on your own. You might be someone who wants great results and even knows how to get there but you need the 1 on 1 accountability. Our certified personal trainers will help you get the most out of your membership and your fitness. We focus on your goals and program workouts that will help you achieve them. Leave your health and wellness in the hands of trained professionals who know how to help you get to where you want to be. Live your life the way you want without having the limitations of pain and weakness.

4 Week Training Programs –

If you don’t have a problem with accountability but struggle to know how to best exercise to meet your goals, our staff will take care of know what to do and write a program for you that is placed in your workout file every 4 weeks. Changing up your routine is a great way to make sure you are always improving and getting closer to your goals faster.

Online Training (Better Body Movement)

Perhaps the idea of walking through the gym doors is intimidating and you struggle to feel like you would be able to do anything with all of the equipment. Better Body Movement has an online training program that allows you to access training Monday through Friday live at 9am or on demand anytime and anywhere. This training program is designed to help retired women reduce pain through self massage and exercise. There are hundreds of training videos online teaching you a variety of skills from self massage for pain relief to corrective exercises targeting poor movement patterns. Additionally, hear from speakers from around the nation teaching on topics like the Purpose of Fitness, How Identity Drives Your Health, and Nutrition for The Beginner.



Massage Therapy

Better Body Movement is a business of pain and movement specialists who utilize hands-on therapies that help to create lasting change in the way you feel and move. During a session you will quickly find this is not your “typical” massage. We work to restore function to dysfunctional tissue using a contract relax sequence that incorporates your nervous system into the massage. This approach lasts much longer than a typical massage experience due to the brain sending and receiving movement messages while being worked. You can expect to receive at home exercises to help maintain the new function making this work last much longer.



Physical Therapy

Molencamp Physical Therapy
provides a full array of physical therapy services to patients ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics, workman’s compensation to sports medicine. Our emphasis is to restore function to improve one’s daily life and reduce pain with daily activities. We look forward to serving the Clear Lake and surrounding communities for years to come.